venerdì 23 settembre 2011

daily bulletin 23.9

At last, after some days of big worrying, significant steps have been made by pm Silvio Berlusconi to fight the recent "crisis". Once achieved the immunity of the allied deputy Milanese on Thursday, today it's time to look after his sex scandals, by giving audience for more than one hour at palazzo Grazioli to Sabina Began, one of the main involved Tarantini's girls. There's also time for another guest: it's Bruno Vespa, a note pro Berlusconi journalist working for public tv channel RAI1. Entering palazzo Grazioli he explains in front of cameras the reasons of his visit: «It's just about my new book, “Questo Amore” (=this love)». For Berlusconi, one hand on his trial's defence strategy, and the other one on the information. Everything running regularly here in Italy.

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